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Tavon lane obituary

tavon lane obituary

Tavon lane obituary |Tavon Lane, 15, of Pittsburgh, has been identified as the victim of the fatal crash, according to Venango County Coroner Christina Rugh. At 2:32 p.m., Lane was pronounced dead on the spot.

Rugh informed that the death was caused by blunt force damage to the head and chest and was therefore considered an accident.

Rugh declined to elaborate on the incident in any additional detail.

On Tuesday, July 19, at 1:36 p.m., an ATV crash on King Road in Victory Township, Venango County, was reported to 9-1-1 by a dispatcher in Venango County.

There were no other cars involved.

An incident involving Polk Borough police has not been made public.

tavon lane obituary

In addition to Polk Borough Police, the incident was serviced by the Clintonville and Polk Volunteer Fire Departments, the Sandycreek Township and Polk Volunteer Fire Departments, as well as Community Ambulance.

T. Tevon M. Lane was born on April 22, 1997, to Monique and Tevon Lane

In Indianapolis, Indiana, Nelson Driver and Maurice Anthony Lane. Tevon’s gift to the world was his daughter Teighlor Lane, whom he adored with all of his heart and had the privilege of raising. Tevon proceeded to

On June 16, 2018, God’s recompense. Family and friends are mourning the loss of his mother, Monique Nelson Driver; father Maurice Anthony Lane; brothers Jayron and Tejaela; and many others. It’ll be hard to say goodbye to Mane because you were such a joy to be around. Your absence will be deeply felt by me at every turn.

Every time you come across me, you say, “Let me borrow your car for a few minutes,” and you tell me what you’re doing in the neighborhood. Get some shut-eye, babe. Save a place for me, little cuz love, whilst my mother and family are all here right now. Being together and not being able to see each other will be difficult.

My favorite part of our conversations was when we would ask each other questions and your response would always be, “I love you, man.” Gone much too quickly. till our next meeting. R I PARADISE HEAVEN’S NEXT ANGEL

tavon lane obituary
tavon lane obituary

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