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Shelby stocker obituary

shelby stocker obituary
shelby stocker obituary

Shelby stocker obituary |Shelby was a devoted daughter and friend who made a positive impact on the lives of all she came into contact with. She treasured the time she spent with her family and looked forward to every moment spent with them. Travel, music, and dogs were some of her favorite pastimes, and she could instantly brighten up a room.

With her radiant smile, she lights up a room. Her family, friends, and coworkers, as well as her two dogs, Reese and Lexi, knew how much she cared for them.

In addition to Karen Ecton (Barry Bingham) and her siblings in Winchester, Kathy Graham (Reese) and Cindy Edwards (John “Doc”), who live in Tennessee and Kentucky,

shelby stocker obituary

Elizabeth Churchill (Chuck), Sarah Davis (Wes), Michelle Cooper (Taylor), and Carolyn Lowe; her great aunt Nancy Baker (James); and countless additional cousins.

Her maternal grandparents, Carroll and Joyce Ecton, her paternal grandmother, Kate Wheeler, as well as other aunts and uncles, died before her.

After Shelby Stocker’s death, many people turned to the internet to learn more about her life and death.

hearing the news of a loved one’s death. People are curious about Shelby Stocker’s cause of death after her death was announced. Many people have been following the news in the wake of Shelby Stocker’s death. Almost always

As if they were deceased, people in good health are being falsely reported on the internet. However, the information provided about Shelby Stocker is accurate, and we discovered a couple Twitter threads honoring a slew of data on

shelby stocker obituary

The obituary of Shelby Stocker. However, here is Shelby Stocker’s response to our questions. Two people died in an automobile accident in the United States on July 20, 2022; one of them was a 24-year-old woman.

who worked at Badger Technologies as a software engineer, and the other was a male. However, the exact cause of the catastrophe remains a mystery at this time. Despite the fact that police have proved their deaths were the result of numerous injuries and trauma.

The truck was half submerged, according to the Lexington Police Department. For this accident, no more information has been received from the site of the collision.

why this happened and where. Unfortunately, an automobile tragedy claimed the life of Shelby Stocker. Many people relied on his show and abilities as a prodigy. Tributes are being paid to a man who dedicated his life to improving the world:

Shelby Stocker’s legacy will be told now that Shelby Stocker is gone. Let us pray for Shelby Stocker’s family, that they will have the strength to bear the loss of their loved one. So many people’s lives were changed by Shelby.

the good fortune of having a plethora of pals Those who knew her well were enthralled by her warm personality, contagious grin, and incredible sense of humor. Shelby was the valedictorian of her graduating class in 2016 and is known for her dedication to her studies.

As a varsity cheerleader and tennis player at George Rogers Clark High School, she had a good academic and athletic career. At the University of Kentucky, she received multiple academic scholarships, and she earned her degree there with honors.

and summa cum laude with a British Engineering Degree from the Lewis Honors College in the United Kingdom. At Badger Technologies and Jabil Inc., she worked as a Software Engineer. She belonged to three sororities and the UK Alumni Association.

shelby stocker obituary

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