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Scrubbie net worth

scrubbie net worth
scrubbie net worth

Scrubbie net worth |Scrubby’s net worth has not been made public, but our site uses data from the Internet to estimate it at $250.32 thousand.

However, we only take into account one advertising source in our estimation. According to certain estimates, Scrubby’s net worth is actually larger than $250,320,000. Scrubby’s net worth may be as high as $350.44 thousand if these extra sources of revenue are taken into account. YouTube channel Scrubby receives an average of 1.04 million views per month and about 34.77 thousand views per day on an annual basis

A monetized YouTube channel makes money by serving. For every 1,000 video views, YouTube channels typically earn $3 to $7. The Scrubby YouTube channel generates $4.17 thousand in ad revenue each month and $62.58 thousand year based on this information.

Scrubby’s revenue may be under-reported by Net Worth Spot. On the highest end, Scrubby might conceivably earn over $112.64 thousand a year.

scrubbie net worth

Scrubby may have other sources of income. Additional revenue sources like sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales and speaking gigs may generate significantly more revenue than adverts. Season 12 of the Shark Tank saw Tyler Kessler, Jeff Dakin, and Matt Hosey pitch The

Scrubbie, a universal cleaning accessory that links to outdoor hoses and kitchen sink sprayers. For $100,000, the founders wanted a 10% stake in the company. They walked away empty-handed. The Scrubbie is getting a new chapter, so be sure to check back for additional information about what happened in the tank. the three individuals who

Side Hustle Homies” Dakin came up with the idea for The Scrubbie after scraping food off the counter and thinking about placing a sponge on it while using his kitchen sink sprayer. In order to get some assistance, Dakin turned to Hosey, who in turn turned to Kessler, resulting in The Scrubbie.

was brought into the world.

Since then, the Side Hustle Homies have taken use of the Wichita Women’s Fair in 2019 and 2020 to display and sell their product to the public. At the 2020 Wichita Women’s Fair, it was revealed to the trio that they would have the opportunity to pitch their product on the stage.

The Shark Tank.

In preparation for their appearance on Shark Tank, the three friends put their goods on display for the panel of judges. A key selling point for them was the ease of use of their universal cleaning attachment, which they touted as being suitable for both kitchen sprayers and outdoor hoses.

scrubbie net worth

use both indoors and out. The cleaning sponges may be readily flipped and there are a variety of abrasive power options to choose from.

Sharks didn’t seem interested in The Scrubbie, despite their best efforts. Particularly worried was Lori Greiner that The Scrubbie was a clone of Scrub Daddy, which she had invested in previously. To make matters worse, the trio’s replies to the questions they were asked were ambiguous at best.

sharks. After all of the sharks agreed that there was no viable investment prospect for the company in the future, it was the final nail in the coffin. They didn’t get a deal, so Matt, Jeff, and Tyler left the Shark Tank empty-handed.

We didn’t get a contract from the Shark Tank, but there’s still some good news for The Scrubbie. The trio’s product sales skyrocketed as a result of their appearance on the show. In addition, certain interviews have been secured by the business, which will aid in spreading the word and raising


Scrubbing his dinner dishes with the metal edge of his kitchen sink’s spray gun gave Wichita native Jeff Dakin the idea for The Scrubbie many years ago. To get a sponge for his spray pistol, he got in touch with his long-time friend and business partner.

After previously discussing other product concepts with Matt Hosey, a neighboring oil and gas leasing contractor. “Side Hustle Homie” Tyler Kessler, Hosey’s boyhood friend from Wichita, accompanied the three as they started making their pioneering music.


To ensure their device was as effective as possible, the three friends enlisted the expertise of product experts to develop a universal connector that could be used with any type of water nozzle. In this period, both

Hosey and Kessler signed on as partners and investors in the business. It was at the 2019 Wichita Women’s Fair that they finally unveiled The Scrubbie, and it was an immediate hit with attendees. The Scrubbie team returned to the 2020 Wichita Women’s Fair with their product after a successful 2019 booth at the fair.

They discovered even more enthusiasm for their goods this year than the year before. Things grew even more excited a day after the Fair finished when they learned that one of their marketing campaigns had been successful thanks to an earlier sales idea they had had.

Managers applied to have The Scrubbie appear on ‘Shark Tank,’ a show that showcases new products. When they learned they had been chosen to participate on the show, they were ecstatic.

scrubbie net worth

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