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Jon gentile obituary

jon gentile obituary
jon gentile obituary

Jon gentile obituary |A kayaking tragedy claimed the life of social studies teacher Jon Gentile in May. Bethel Park High School hosted a “festival of life” on Saturday.

Principal Joe Villani acknowledged that the death of a much-loved faculty member had been difficult to deal with.

According to Villani, it was an experience like no other. One of the worst things to happen at a school. As an exception, we at Bethel Park often say:

Because we’re related, this has just strengthened our bond. The experience helps us recognize how unique we are as a school, as a community, and as a group of students. “

Saturday’s event included performances by students, a slide display of Gentile’s life, and a panel of experts discussing Gentile’s work and legacy.

When I arrived in the United States in 2014, Mr. Gentile was one of the first persons I met. My expectations of American life were mostly molded by Western films and books, as I had no prior contact with the country.

Shows on television. A forceful messenger was Mr. Gentile. Not only was he patient with my lack of knowledge of European history, but he was also delighted by my interest in the class that he so much cherished. Not only was he punctilious in making college recommendations, but he was also passionate about the qualities he thought I possessed. Mr. Gentile was a passionate, exuberant, and insightful teacher who taught as he lived.

jon gentile obituary

His wide, steadfast smile was perhaps the greatest of his ambassadorial qualities. Every interaction with him was a source of joy and inspiration, whether it was in the classroom, while he pushed his cart down the hall, or while he was on his way to an after-school activity.

Since Mr. Gentile and others like him served as lighthouses so illuminating that there were models of American citizenship to be discovered, I am today a steadfast American.

It is true of just a select few people that they “were formed for their vocation.” One of them was Mr. Gentile. In addition to being an educator, he was a champion for his students. As well as a magnificent guy, his virtues made him even more impressive. The news of Jon’s sudden death devastated us, and we’re still digesting it.”

Assistant Superintendent Zeb Jansante of Bethel Park said in a statement that “this heartbreaking loss” had hit the community hard. There is no doubt in my mind that Jon personified Bethel Park in every aspect of his work and that he had a profound impact on the lives of his students and student-athletes.

“Everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him will miss him immensely.”

Unfortunately, there was no way to determine the cause of death.

Sincerely, we extend our deepest sympathies to Mr. Gentile’s family and friends following his death earlier this month. Former Bethel Park teacher Mr. Gentile has a long history of teaching at the school.

impacting many students and coworkers throughout that time.

During a kayaking trip in New Hope on Sunday, Jonathan Gentile of Bethel Park High School in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, became stranded after the boat was overturned by a rapid. 38-year-old Gentile was submerged for several minutes.

the last time we saw him. Prior to the arrival of emergency services, Gentile’s father attempted CPR on him and transported him to a local hospital, where he subsequently died, according the Bucks County Herald.

The Bethel Park School District released a statement in response to the death of Gentile. He’d worked in the district for 15 years as a teacher. Gentile’s father had taken him across the state for a few days of outdoor fun, and the village is located approximately 10 miles south of Pittsburgh. ex-resident of Peters Township, PA, but now residing in Sewickley

After a brief illness, he died quietly at home on March 31, 2013, with his family at his side. Additionally, he is survived by his mother Kathryne; father Alex Sr.; and brother Aaron Judd (42).

Jennifer Ashley (22), her son Justin Andrew (19), and her grandson Colton John (son of Jeffery) were all in attendance (2). Everyone he came into contact with, including his aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, and friends, was touched by his presence.

fellow board members of the home owners organization, as well as coworkers and neighbors. Alex Jon worked in the transportation industry for most of his adult life. At Peters Township High School, he was a star athlete, and he was also a scholarship athlete at the university level.

teaching peewee hockey and soccer allowed him to keep up his love of sports. As a passionate sports fan, he found the most fulfillment in being a caring father, brother, and son to his parents and siblings. In

Beinhauer’s Funeral Home, 724-941-3211, will be in charge of the arrangements in accordance with his desires. Family Hospice, 50 Moffett St, Mt. Lebanon, PA 15243, can accept donations in memory of the deceased. Please visit to leave a memorial or view those already there.

jon gentile obituary

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