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Jay grover obituary

jay grover obituary
jay grover obituary

Jay grover obituary |Jay Grover died abruptly on Tuesday, July 19, 2022, according to an obituary on the website of a local funeral home. However, the cause of his death remained a mystery.

When news broke of Jay’s untimely demise, social media was swamped with sincere tributes and condolences. Many people will miss him.

Jay Grover To my dear friend, I say: You’ve always been able to make people from all walks of life laugh and brighten their spirits whenever they chat to you. I admired many aspects of your character, but the most important one was your ability to make me laugh.

Your heart is the most important part of your body. My heart is full of gratitude for all the beautiful times we spent together,” a Facebook memorial stated.

As we grieve with your family and friends, our words fall short of expressing our sorrow for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.

Feel free to send your thoughts and prayers to the surviving family members and friends of the dead, as they will be greatly appreciated at this trying time.

Shocked and saddened by the news that my friend Jay Grover has died. The pain in my stomach is so excruciating that it’s hard to describe.

jay grover obituary

If it weren’t for Jay, I wouldn’t have the close friends I do today. As sound engineer and public face for Uncle Woody’s Party Place, I was flown in from Gainesville along with a Gainesville karaoke DJ. In fact, those were some of my happiest years. Jay, I’ll miss you like crazy. That’s what I hear you saying.

Mrs. Jones and I are going to sing right now, and I’m absolutely stunned. Don Teems .’s. A 40-year-old Cloquet man named Jason Grover passed away on November 16th. On October 23, 1978, he was born to Steven and Janet Grover in Duluth, MN. He developed into a more mature person.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, where I lived for several years before returning to the Cloquet region. He worked as a landscaper when he was in Virginia. Northland Fire and Safety hired him after returning to Cloquet, where he had previously worked.

In addition to fishing, camping, horseback riding, and agate picking, Jason enjoyed spending time outside. He was a huge animal lover.

Bernice and Russell Bong, his paternal grandparents; Gerald Grover, his paternal great-grandfather; and Bruce Bong and Randy VanHoever, both uncles, preceded Jason in death.

Janet Grover of Duluth is his mother; Steven Grover of Duluth is his father; the Grovers of Barnum are his children; and the Sortedahls are his daughter Lydia and her mother, Jolene (Cheri)

Gail Dahl of Duluth; Gary Dahl of Cloquet; Shawn Dahl of Moose Lake; and several other relatives and friends are mourning the loss of their mother, Audrey Grover of Cloquet.

Gathering of friends and family: 5:30-7:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 13. The 23rd of November. James Grover (Raphine, Virginia), born in Baltimore, Maryland on May 1, 2021, went away at the age of 77, leaving behind a stricken family and friends. People in your circle of friends and family might send floral bouquets as a token of their

and heartfelt sympathies on the loss of a dear one. Send your condolences to James Grover’s family by leaving a message on his memorial page.

His parents, James Grover East Sr. and Elizabeth Diehl East, were both deceased. His two children, Kimberley Welcher (Matthew) and Megan Welcher, survive him. The family of Stuarts Draft resident James (Jay) Grover East II has lost a beloved son.

The first of May in the year 2021 is on this day. His parents, the late James Grover East Sr. and Elizabeth Diehl East, welcomed him into the world on April 5, 1944, in Baltimore, Maryland. Catherine (Cathy) Flory East was his wife.

Kimberley Welcher, Jay’s daughter, and her family, including her husband Matthew and their daughter Megan, are left to carry on his legacy.

Spottswood High School in Augusta County, Virginia, is where Jay earned his high school diploma. Prior to that, he attended Ferrum Jr. College and RPI (Richmond’s Professional Institute). Moore Brother employed him as a job site layout engineer, March Inc. made him a part owner, and J. S. Mathers hired him as a retiree.

Castaway Cabooses was founded by Jay and Cathy in Durbin, West Virginia. They had a great time meeting new individuals over the course of the several years they spent on the cabooses.

On May 11, 2021, at 11 a.m., there will be a graveside service at New Providence Presbyterian Church in Raphine, Virginia.

jay grover obituary

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