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Elaine luria biography

elaine luria biography

Elaine luria biography |On August 15, 1975, Luria was born in Birmingham, Alabama. She was born in Jasper, Alabama, where her mother Michelle’s family settled in 1906. Coal miners in Walker County, Alabama, purchased things from the family.

Luria’s great-grandfather was instrumental in the founding of a Reform Jewish congregation in Jasper in the early 1900s, and her immediate family joined Birmingham’s Temple Emanu-El. Luria’s mother and grandmother were engaged in the National Council of Jewish Women, Hadassah, the Temple Emanu-El Sisterhood, and the Birmingham Jewish Federation, among other organizations.

In 1993, Luria completed her high school education at Indian Springs SchoolIn 1997, she earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from the United States Naval Academy with a double major in physics and history and a minor in French.

elaine luria biography

At the United States Naval Nuclear Power School in 2000, Luria received a bachelor’s degree.

She got a Master of Science (MS) degree in engineering management from Old Dominion University in 2004 while serving on the flagship USS Blue Ridge.

Lieutenant Commander Luria served for 20 years as a navy officer, operating nuclear reactors as an engineer.

After graduating from the US Naval Academy, Luria became one of the nation’s first female battle ship sailors.

From 2014 until her retirement in 2017, she led Assault Craft Force TWO, a combat-ready unit of 400 sailors.

After the September 11 attacks, she hosted a Passover seder on a military aircraft carrier.

On her first day in uniform, she was influenced by the Naval Academy.

Mission: To assume command, citizenship, and government at the highest level possible. During her 20 years of service, Elaine was a Surface Warfare Officer and a nuclear engineer, serving aboard destroyers, cruisers, and aircraft carriers in the Middle East and the Western Pacific. She deployed six times, twice on ships stationed in Japan and once forward-deployed.

elaine luria biography

Enforcing sanctions by intercepting Iraqi oil smuggling ships in the Arabian Gulf; taking out terrorist targets in Iraq and Afghanistan with jets launched from an aircraft carrier’s deck; or managing nuclear reactors while serving as second in command of a guided missile cruiser,

an assault craft support unit for the US Marine Corps, or a combat-ready unit of 400 sailors Elaine didn’t let politics stand in the way of doing the right thing and getting the job done. A large portion of the Hampton Roads region, including Virginia Beach and Williamsburg, lies within the boundaries of the district.

In addition to the Eastern Shore of Norfolk and Hampton. Lieutenant Commander Luria served in the United States Navy for 20 years prior to her election to Congress. She spent the majority of her time on combat ships. Mermaid Factory, a business she created with her family, is a result of this.

A block of clay on her kitchen table was the seed of what would become the finished product. During the period of 2013-2018, Mermaid Factory produced jobs in the community, donated more than $50,000 to charity, and injected more than a quarter million tax dollars into the economy. By paying money, more than 50,000 visitors visited Mermaid Factory.

a chance to spend time with loved ones, express their creativity, and take home a souvenir of the mermaid and dolphin icons of Hampton Roads. Mermaid Factory is committed to supporting local charities that benefit children and the arts. Our items are still made in-house.

elaine luria biography

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