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Cj nelson obituary

cj nelson obituary
cj nelson obituary

Cj nelson obituary |A multi-vehicle crash on the Boardway Extension just south of 33rd Street claimed the life of Sgt. C.J. Nelson on Tuesday afternoon. Nelson was on a police motorcycle when a driver in a Dodge Ram utility truck smashed into multiple automobiles, according to an incident report.

Earlier this week, the Edmond Police Department shared a statement from Nelson’s family on its Facebook page. The full statement from the family can be found below. the love and support our family has received from everyone has been overwhelming.

local and state agencies, including Coffee Creek and St. Luke’s churches, Edmond and Deer Creek as well as countless more municipalities

The family referred to “national organizations.” In the wake of this tragedy, please keep praying for our family and the officers of the Edmond Police Department.

The Edmond police armored vehicle was to transport Nelson’s body on the day of his funeral. All flags in the vicinity were lowered to half-staff. On

As a show of solidarity for the Nelson family, Edmond and the wider law enforcement community, Oklahoma City’s Skydance Bridge was lit up in blue on Monday night as a tribute.

The ninety-four thousand-person neighborhood was devastated by the death of the long-serving police officer.

cj nelson obituary

His death has left a void in the lives of those who knew him.”

The Edmond Police Department said in a statement that the community will never be able to replace him. For his family and for the community he loved, he gave his life.

Nelson was killed in a car accident on the Broadway Extension, just south of 33rd Street, on July 19, according to police. A driver in a Dodge Ram crashed into a group of police motorcycles at a red light, according to an incident report.

The crash left no one else with injuries.

Officers at the scene reported smelling an odor of alcohol coming from the truck’s driver, according to court filings. The 54-year-old guy has been identified as Jay.

A second-degree murder charge was then filed against Fite and he was placed in the Oklahoma County Jail.

On the 21st of July 2022 at 4:00 PM, JaNae Williams of Oklahoma will be the guest speaker.

Sgt. C.J. Nelson, the first officer of the Edmond Police Department to die in the line of duty, made a donation to LifeShare after his death to carry on his service to others.

Nelson, 38, was patrolling on his motorbike Tuesday afternoon when he and four other vehicles were hit by a utility truck while parked at a red signal. OU Medical Center, where Nelson died from his wounds, was transferred by ambulance from the scene of the accident.

On Wednesday, he would have celebrated a decade with the organization. His wife and two children are all that remain of him.

The Edmond Police Department said in a statement that Sergeant Nelson’s death “leaves a vacuum in the lives of those who loved him and in the town of Edmond that can never be replaced.”

cj nelson obituary

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