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Chrissy brett obituary

chrissy brett obituary
chrissy brett obituary

Chrissy brett obituary | A family friend confirmed Chrissy Brett’s death on Monday, saying she passed away on Saturday night in Vancouver. Brett, a mid-forties woman who had worked with community organizer Fiona York at Vancouver’s tent cities for the past three years, died peacefully, according to York.

In 2018, Brett led a group of homeless campers from Rudd Park and Ravine Way in Saanich to campsites in Goldstream park, private property on West Saanich Road, provincial land off the Pat Bay Highway, and Cattle Point in Oak Bay.

When York worked with Brett at tent cities in Vancouver’s Oppenheimer Park, Strathcona Park and Crab Park, “she was fearless,” York said, per the Vancouver Sun. At this point, I don’t know if we can accurately measure the impact of her activism. Bringing attention to the needs and the issues has been such a driving force for her.”

According to York, Brett had been actively involved in helping the homeless and advocating for better housing conditions in the city of Vancouver and the surrounding region for the previous year. Yet her network of contacts in Victoria and beyond remained unbroken.

Island and served as the first line of defense.

There were numerous encampments in Vancouver where Brett was an outspoken advocate and organizer.

One of Brett’s longtime collaborators on issues of homelessness and encampment in New York City, Fiona York, confirmed the news to Daily Hive. An old family friend of York’s who is close to Brett’s children broke the news to York about Brett’s death.

chrissy brett obituary

York described Brett as a community activist and organizer in the city of Victoria and throughout the island of Vancouver. Brett was, in her opinion, in his late forties or early fifties.

When it came to his views on encampments that made parks inaccessible to some residents who lived nearby, Brett became a controversial figure.

Particularly at the Strathcona Park encampment, tensions over tent camping reached boiling point. The Strathcona encampment was also home to Brett. The manner and cause of Chrissy Brett’s death remain a mystery. We’ll keep you informed as more information becomes available.

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chrissy brett obituary

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One of Greater Victoria’s most notorious public figures, Brett led a mobile group of the city’s most disadvantaged residents in 2018.

Campgrounds in Goldstream Park, on West Saanich Road, on public land off Pat Bay Highway, and near Cattle Point in Oak Bay have taken in the large numbers of Saanich’s Rudd Park and Ravine Way’s homeless residents.

With Brett at Vancouver’s Oppenheimer, Strathcona and Crab park tent camps “she was unfazed,” York said. As far as I can tell, there’s no way to quantify the impact of her advocacy, and I’m not even sure we can document it.”

immediately. She’s been a driving force in bringing attention to the problems, the concerns, and the people affected by them. Brett has been working with the homeless community and advocating for better housing options for the past year.

the Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas, according to York. But she still had a large network of friends and colleagues in Victoria and on Vancouver Island, and she devoted her time to helping the homeless.

According to York, she was previously involved in efforts to reconcile with First Nations prior to her work with tent cities. For indigenous people and all those who are homeless, she had a “provincial vision of shelter and dignity, respect, and equality.” At this time, we are still awaiting word on Chrissy’s death.

In honor of the life that has been lost, we may still take the time to express our sympathies to the family, Brett. We pray for the family’s well-being and for God’s help in every aspect of their lives.

chrissy brett obituary

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